An Interview with Rich Voreis,
Chief Executive Officer

Learn how Marquette can help your business grow.


In this profile, Marquette President Rich Voreis provides some insight into his background, the industry and the company. Personal service and experience are crucial to a healthy financing relationship, which is why Marquette encourages companies to get to know the team one-on-one.

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About Marquette

Marquette, a subsidiary of UMB Bank, n.a. located in Bloomington, Minn., is a leading provider of accounts receivable financing solutions, serving companies with annual revenue from $2 million to $400 million. Marquette assists companies in meeting their working capital needs to drive growth, fund acquisitions, improve liquidity and fund restructures. Marquette is small and nimble, which allows it to control how it manages and offers its services, yet it’s also backed by the strength of its parent company, UMB Financial Corporation, which allows the company to extend larger financing packages.

Q. What does your team do differently?

A. Our team has a varied and deep understanding of the nuances of business financing, which allows us to walk the talk, so to speak, on providing great customer service. The industry knowledge of the team helps us tailor financing for each client, and we work hard to understand our clients’ business. Beyond our in-house experience, we can also help make connections that assist our customers’ operationally for the short- and long-term. 

Our business model is structured so we can manage risk very well and can act quickly when reviewing financing needs. While we are backed by the larger UMB, Marquette’s office is nimble enough that we can truly provide one-on-one attention.

Q. What are the benefits of accounts receivable financing? 

A. Accounts receivable financing is an alternative financing option for companies who may not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Typically, our services act as a bridge lending opportunity, helping clients meet cash flow and financing needs until they are able to reestablish a relationship with a bank or traditional lending institution. While some of our partnerships are short-term, we treat every client like a long-term relationship, so you have personalized service no matter how long you need us. In addition to meeting a company’s immediate financing requirements, working with Marquette has the added benefit of some back office assistance. Included with our financing agreements, we offer services for invoice mailing and processing, payment processing and posting, as well as full collections services. And, our clients have access to an online dashboard where they can run accounts receivable reports and view payment data. Importantly, accounts receivable financing provides companies with the financial flexibility they need to get the job done, whether it’s expanding services or managing everyday needs.

Q. Tell us about Marquette.

A. Marquette helps provide flexible and responsive working capital financing to mid-market and small businesses across the nation, specifically companies in industries that often face unique challenges, like truncated payment schedules and higher day-to-day operating costs. By providing an alternative source to traditional bank financing, Marquette assists businesses in meeting their working capital needs to drive growth, fund acquisitions, improve liquidity and fund restructures. We routinely serve as a bridge lender for businesses until they are able to obtain traditional bank financing. 

My team’s vision is to be a best-in–class financer in our industry. The strength and backing of UMB, a more than century-old financial institution, provides us with the opportunity to excel in the marketplace, and we are now able to reach a larger audience due to the increased lending capacity and resources that UMB affords us.

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