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Marquette's flexible financing allows businesses to improve cash flow, grow quickly and take advantage of market shifts to reach new business opportunities. Leveraging accounts receivables allows companies to expand and add services even if their growth initiatives may not qualify for traditional bank financing.

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CHALLENGE: The digital marketing company, which was poised to grow quickly, needed a financial partner who could customize a financing program across the three operating subsidiaries that provided individual financing guarantees and did not require cross-collateralization. 

Customized financing
In early 2017, the firm contacted Marquette and UMB, Marquette's parent company, to research financing options to replace its current lender, which was one of the largest banks in the U.S. Backed by the commercial banking team at UMB, Marquette began building a custom financing program to accommodate three distinct lines of credit for the three subsidiaries. Beyond financing, the firm also required flexibility with geographic origination and currency exchange to leverage its foreign business and accounts receivables. Because of Marquette's unique position as an A/R financer with bank support from UMB, the teams were able to propose several hybrid solutions for the firm's unique needs.

About Marquette Commercial Finance

Marquette, a subsidiary of UMB Bank, n.a. located in Bloomington, Minn., is a leading provider of accounts receivable financing solutions, serving companies with annual revenue from $2 million to $400 million. Marquette assists companies in meeting their working capital needs to drive growth, fund acquisitions, improve liquidity and fund restructures. Marquette is small and nimble, which allows it to control how it manages and offers its services, yet it's also backed by the strength of its parent company, UMB Financial Corporation, which allows the company to extend larger financing packages.
SOLUTION: The customization and flexibility of the Marquette team, paired with the support of its parent company, UMB, provided the firm with a comprehensive A/R financing solution. In total, the firm was extended a financing program of more than $35 million in working capital lines of credit including multiple operating accounts, treasury management, card services and foreign exchange services. 
Agile service

Marquette, backed by UMB, worked quickly and creatively to provide the firm with cash flow and liquidity it needs to grow now and in the future. Moreover, the deal was developed in only 19 days, demonstrating the power of an A/R financing program in both speed and flexibility. This customization is possible through the nimble operations of Marquette and the strength of UMB and the firm decided not only to leverage accounts receivable financing through Marquette, but to transition to UMB as its full banking partner.

Poised for growth 

This multinational digital marketing firm headquartered in the Midwest was growing rapidly and had recently decided to adjust its operating structure. The company reorganized its three products lines into separate subsidiaries—each with distinct expansion opportunities. To take advantage of growth opportunities created by the restructure, the firm needed enhanced liquidity that could allow them to access funds and leverage current business. However, the firm’s plans for the future, which include a possible private equity investment, paired with its restructuring, made obtaining financing through a traditional lender difficult and restrictive. Additionally, the firm operated with foreign receivables and treasury management requirements, making a typical banking relationship even more complicated.

DiAne Reed is the Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager for Marquette Commercial Finance. She has more than 35 years of experience in the financial services industry and is active in the industry as a member of the International Factoring Association and Commercial Finance Association.

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