Whether you’re up north, up town, or out state, UMB will work for you and your Minnesota business.

Rooted in Main Street Midwest values and offering capabilities and solutions typically found at larger institutions, we are ready to help you reach your goals with a partnership that keeps you and your business moving forward. 

Focused on you

At UMB, your business is not just a number. We get to know you, your goals and your values so we can be a partner throughout your business lifecycle.

At UMB, your business is not just a number. 
Learn why we say you can count on more with UMB.

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Strategic insight

We review your unique business needs and help you optimize your opportunities while strategically planning for the short- and long-term.

Expertise and experience

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with deep technical knowledge, broad skill sets, and a robust understanding of the industries we serve and their unique needs.

We're a full-service financial corporation serving businesses and institutions of all sizes.

There When It Counts

Healthcare Services


Real Estate Refinance

Consulting Services


Revolving Line of Credit, Building Purchase


Revolving Line of Credit, Partner Buyout Refinance

Electrical Contracting


Revolving Line of Credit, Real Estate Refinance, Equipment Refinance, Equipment Term Note

Photographic & Digital Printing


(Sole Lender)

Multi Family Commercial Real Estate Construction

Business Insights


As a true financial partner, we offer a suite of right-sized business lending options, so you can access the funds you need to expand, upgrade and manage your day-to-day operating needs. We can help you strategically manage your everyday cash flow through deposit and treasury solutions, so you can stay focused on the future. 

  • Business loans and line of credit 

  • Credit cards and purchasing programs 

  • Alternative financing like factoring and asset based lending 

  • Checking and savings accounts for businesses 

  • Fraud management 

  • Accounts Receivables and Account Payables 

  • International services

At UMB, your business is not just a number.  Learn why we say you can count on more with UMB.



(Sole Lender)

Spec Industrial Commercial Real Estate Construction



Debt consolidation, Line of Credit, and new equipment draw note, Deposit and Treasury Services


Commercial Real Estate Refinance




Equipment Draw Note


Revolving Line of Credit


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($98 Million Total Syndication)

Lead Agent, Senior Housing Commercial Real Estate Construction Loan



Revolving Line of Credit


Acquisition Term Note


Real Estate Finance