COVID-19 (coronavirus) Preparation Information for UMB Business Customers

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Actions we're taking

Rest assured that our core operating processes and commitments remain in place. We have comprehensive data protocols and business continuity plans that allow us to move forward with payroll, payments, transactions and more – all as normal.

As the situation unfolds, we have made some operational decisions that help protect our associates and customers, which are outlined below.

We will continue to serve you and service your accounts as we always have—though it may be through phone, email and appointment.

  • UMB branches are operating as drive-thru only, from 10 a.m-4 p.m. Monday-Friday, until further notice. Saturday hours may vary.
  • All UMB-sponsored events scheduled through May 31 are cancelled. This includes associate and customer events at UMB and non-UMB locations. We will update this page in the coming weeks regarding events scheduled beyond May 31.
  • We have suspended all international business travel to affected regions as defined by the CDC's Travelers' Health Notices. We are also suspending associate attendance at any work-related conferences, seminars, conventions or other large-group events. This impacts events through May 31.
  • We have implemented a 14-day self-quarantine for associates who have been exposed to the coronavirus based on tiered exposure levels.

We are here to help

At UMB, we work with our customers to help during any financial hardships, particularly those in which the situation is outside of their control. If you experience financial hardship due to COVID-19, please contact us at 800.860.4862 to discuss how we can help. UMB can provide individualized payment flexibility on mortgages, home equity or personal loans, credit cards, and small business loans based on need. Access to additional credit lines may be made available based on individual situations.

Some specific programs we're ready to offer include:

  • Options for consumer loan and mortgage payment deferment or modifications on an individual, customized basis.
  • Increased mobile deposit limits.
  • Individualized, flexible credit card repayment and payment deferral options, as well as a balance transfer opportunity.
  • Access to additional credit lines extended on a case-by-case basis.
  • Six-month term loan payment deferral option for current small business customers.
  • Counsel on the SBA Disaster Assistance Program and other state and local programs.
  • A 90-day moratorium on initiating foreclosure activity on all mortgages and home equity lines and loans.

UMB is built on a 107-year foundation of stability and soundness. Rest assured that we will continue to deliver the unparalleled customer experience, no matter what.

How we're serving you

Our standard business processes and commitments to service level agreements for transactions such as payment processing and payroll operations remain in place and completely unchanged, thanks to our robust business continuity plans. We will continue to serve you and service your accounts as we always have.

If you need to make deposits and you bank at one of the branches listed below that doesn't have a drive-thru, your relationship manager will be contacting you about how to utilize our ongoing services to continue making deposits.

Branches without drive-thrus are:

  • 1010 Walnut, Kansas City, MO 64106
  • 2 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102
  • 1670 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202
  • 777 Main, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Online account management

We encourage you to log in to your online account platform—UMB Direct and UMB Online BankingUMB Commercial Card—for your business needs. You can also continue to stay in close contact with your banker via phone or email instead of meeting in person.

Fraud prevention

Please be vigilant about fraudulent activity or attempts during this time. Unfortunately, bad actors have been taking advantage of the recent uncertainty. UMB will never ask you for personal information such as Social Security number, full credit card numbers, user ID or passwords.

For your protection, initiating payments with security tokens is required. If you do not have your physical token in your possession, please call UMB Customer Technical Support at 816.860.3999.

We are always vigilantly monitoring your transactions, but if you or your business field any messages that concern you or you believe are potentially fraudulent, please reach out to your relationship manager.

Visit our blog for more information about fraud prevention.


What are general steps I need to take as a client to ensure business continuity regarding finances during this time?

  • Access to key information: Make sure your employees have access to key account information and will be able to sign in to your online accounts.
  • Remote access: You can access many of our banking services online.
  • Cash needs: Drive-thrus at our branches will be available to meet your cash needs if you require coin or currency to operate. Consider establishing a standard emergency cash order that covers several days of business operations. If you use an armored courier service, have courier contact information readily available. In the event of an anticipated business interruption, order, retain, and confirm your emergency level of coin and currency for all your business locations. Cash and coin orders can still be called in at 888.854.7739.
  • Commercial card remote payments: Access the Pay Now functionality in the UMB Commercial Card platform. If you have questions about setting up and/or using Pay Now, please review our Pay My Bill: User Guide. You can also contact our program administrator team with questions at 855.698.8050.

How do I ensure continued access to online banking?
Keep your physical token with you at all times to access UMB Direct from a remote location. You have the option to remotely access business online banking services, like UMB Direct and online banking, where you can access account services such as ACH, wires, and information reporting. If you find you are unable to access your online account, your UMB account manager can assist with you with pulling reports and accessing information.

What business continuity considerations for ACH payments should I be mindful of?
In an emergency, processing payroll files and ACH transactions can be particularly important. It's critical to have a contingency plan for submitting ACH files in case you can't send the files by your normal means. Please call UMB Customer Technical Support at 816.860.3999 to discuss your needs and available options.

How are wire transfers being handled during this time?
If you can access UMB Direct, you will continue to have the ability to initiate and approve wires either freeform or using templates and, if authorized, phone in your wires.

What should I do if I have a card that expires during the COVID-19 event?
If you have UMB commercial credit cards that need immediate renewal, please contact our program advisor team at 855.698.8050.

How do I continue making deposits?
Drive-thrus will remain open and can accept deposits. Also, our remote deposit service remains available in the event conditions prevent a trip to the bank or ATM.

I need some financing flexibility during this uncertainty.
Commercial cards may be a good alternative payment type for payments to your suppliers. UMB offers emergency card issuance (generally a 48-hour delivery) to help facilitate this. Your card program administrator can order, cancel, or replace cards online using our UMB commercial card portal:

Should I expect changes to my payment receivables process such as lockbox?
No, lockbox processing is expected to operate normally without interruption.

Has UMB enacted their business continuity/pandemic plans?
We're continuing to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and proactively adapt our operations in accordance with our business continuity plans and our customer needs, so we have continuous delivery of critical processes. Some of these actions include implementing virtual meetings, requiring remote working options for non-essential associates, geographic disbursement, social distancing and relying on technology to keep in touch with each other and you. We have also restricted access to UMB's technical and operations centers to individuals assigned to work at those specific locations.

Does your planning include alternate worksites or work-from-home options?
Our planning allows for departments to take advantage of their assigned alternate worksites and work-from-home strategies as appropriate. We have implemented strategies designed to decentralize critical processes as possible, including implementing virtual meetings, requiring remote working options for non-essential associates, geographic disbursement, social distancing. We will continually monitor service levels to make sure customers continue to receive the service they are used to.

How are you safeguarding your physical locations?
To safeguard our most critical locations, we have restricted visitor and associate access to essential staff only. For our branch locations, we are directing all traffic through the drive-thrus unless a face-to-face meeting is required (these are by appointment-only). We will continue to follow government directives as they are focused on the financial sector, while still striving to provide the highest levels of service available.

Speak with someone

If you have questions about COVID-19 as it relates to your relationship with UMB, please connect with your account manager or banker.

UMB Customer Support Numbers:

  • Customer Technical Support – 816.860.3999
  • Lockbox Customer Support – 816.860.8080
  • Cash and Coin IVR Number – 888.854.7739
  • Commercial Card Program Admin Support – 855.698.8050
  • Commercial Card Cardholder Support – 888.494.5141
  • Commercial Card Fraud Management – 800.337.3392 

If you have a media inquiry, please contact Stephanie Hague, executive vice president and director of external communication at 816.860.5088.


Updated March 27, 2020 at 1 pm CST

During this time of uncertainty, please know that we're here as always to keep you and your business moving forward.

Because banking is considered an essential business, we are exempt from public health orders such as the recently enacted shelter-in-place orders. We will remain open and available to you, while still ensuring we provide the highest measures of health and safety.

Please refer to our branch locator feature for the most up-to-date branch hours. We will always post our most current information on this page. Below are specific details about how our operations will continue to support you.

Please log in to your online account and ensure your contact details are up-to-date. This information helps us communicate changes with you quickly.