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Draw from your HELOC using dedicated HELOC checks and your UMB HELOC access card, or transfer funds from your UMB HELOC to your UMB checking account.1

Maybe it's time to add that garage you always wanted.

Home Equity Line of Credit Special Offer: 
4.25% introductory APR for 5 years, 
then variable 5.49% - 7.75% APR applies.1

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With a UMB HELOC, you receive:

And more account features:

  • No annual fee 
  • A 10-year draw term to access funds 
  • A minimum credit line amount of $10,000 
  • Origination fee waiver when you open a qualifying UMB checking account. 2
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Home Equity Line of Credit Special Offer: 
4.25% introductory APR for 5 years, 
then variable 5.49% - 7.75% APR applies.1

  1. Limited time offer, must apply by November 9, 2019. Offer rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Credit approval required. Offer available for new UMB home equity line of credit (“HELOC”) customers. This offer does not apply to existing UMB HELOC customers. To qualify for this promotional rate, the property secured by the HELOC must be your primary residence. Additional restrictions and limitations apply. The introductory annual percentage rate (“APR”) will be in effect for the first 5 years of your loan term, even if you do not draw on the line of credit during that period.

    After your 5-year promotional period ends, your APR will be determined as follows:
    After the promotion period ends, your APR may vary for the remaining life of the loan and can change monthly, but will not be lower than 2.49% or exceed 18.00% during the life of your loan. The variable APR that applies to your loan after promotional period is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime rate (“Prime Rate”) plus a margin, which will vary based on your checking account relationship with UMB, combined loan to value ratio, and line amount. As of September 19, 2019, the Prime Rate was 5.00%, and the variable rate for UMB HELOCs ranged from 5.49% APR to 7.75% APR. To qualify for the lowest APR available, you must have a UMB Select Checking account, your combined loan to value ratio should not exceed 80% of the property’s appraised value, and the line amount must be greater than $100,000.

    Payment Information
    Payments are due monthly. Your minimum payment will equal the amount of your accrued interest and finance charges, plus any amount past due and all other charges. An increase in the APR may increase the amount of your minimum payment. At the end of the term, you will be required to pay the entire remaining balance in a single balloon payment (exceptions apply for Texas HELOCs due to Texas State Law). If you make only the minimum payments, you will not repay any of the principal balance by the end of term.

    Additional information regarding this home equity special offer:
    Other introductory rates may be available. Not all loan programs are available in all states, or for all loan amounts; additionally, some methods for accessing funds may not be available in every state.  

    Hazard insurance is required for the property that secures the HELOC. Flood insurance is required for properties in special flood hazard areas. Required payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums. You will be responsible for annual taxes and insurance.

  2. Qualifying checking accounts include UMB Select and UMB Value Checking. The origination fee is waived for customers who open a UMB Select or UMB Value Checking account; the fee for customers who open a UMB Convenience Checking account or have no UMB checking account is the lesser of 1% of the line amount or $250. Current UMB customers may qualify for an origination fee waiver based on account type. See a UMB personal banker for more information.

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Apply by November 9, 2019 to take advantage of this special rate

A home equity line of credit — often referred to as a HELOC — is a line of credit where your home serves as collateral. A useful tool for homeowners, HELOCs provide access to funds that can be used for all kinds of purchases and payments at interest rates lower than many other types of financing.

Here are just some of the possibilities:

Discover new possibilities

  • Cover the cost of home improvements
  • Purchase or refinance a vehicle
  • Pay for large purchases
  • Consolidate debt